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Mrs A September 2014
The area was beautiful and the cottage and the grounds it was in were very picturesque, lovely to relax in on the odd afternoon when we'd been out for most of the day.

Mr T - July 2014
The property was in a lovely setting within communal gardens

Mrs L - August 2014
The cottage was beautiful and the setting so picturesque

Mrs W - July 2014
Lovely area, had a lovely time, nice long walks, beautiful gardens and really cute ducks

Mr S - June 2014
Everything was A1 we loved every minute of our holiday

Mr W - June 2014
From the moment we pulled up outside Whitewells we thought it was the prettiest group of cottages we had seen with ducks swimming on the pond at the bottom of the 'village green' and the cottage gardens

White Wells Farm Cottages

Mr M - June 2014
Lovely area, lots to do and see

Mr B - May 2014
Lovely farm environment and views of Malvern Hills. Indian runner ducks and Jack (the dog) were a great feature. Good free wifi internet connectivity. Excellent clothes washing and drying facilities

Mrs M - April 2014
Excellent location, would recommend to friends

Mr P - April 2014
The cottage was really cosy and in a good location for both sightseeing and walking, totally relaxing